Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"Saving the Boom" Premieres in Laguna Beach - Club Bounce

Well, the Premiere of John Keitel's extraordinary "Saving the Boom" was the social event of the summer. Sponsored by the incredible Laguna Beach Film Society under the leadership of Joanne Story and Keiko Beatie it was a wonderful evening.

The pre-party was at Wells Fargo Bank in the party room on the 3rd floor with wonderful food, wine and an ocean view not to be believed.

Then then everyone marched over to the theater and filled it up. There were over 300 people at the premiere. The crowd laughed, cried and thoroughly enjoyed John's documentary. Many of the stars of the movie were there. After the screening there was a quick Q & A with the film's producer, John Keitel, the Narrator, Andrew Reynolds and Fred Karger, who is still hard at work SAVING the BOOM!!!

Then lots of the party goers walked the couple hundred feet around the corner to the after party at the Marine Room. Owner Kelly Boyd was there to greet the guests. Kelly had a major role in the documentary as well. Mayor Boyd was having a busy night with all that was going on downtown that night.

Here are photos form the Premiere and the screening held last Thursday at Club Bounce, the fun gay bar right across PCH from the old Boom. Owner James Nelson screened "Saving the Boom" for the folks who missed the Premier. It was a very fun night.

See lots of pictures below.

Remember the Boom has two For Sale signs in the windows. It's just waiting for the right buyer to come along. Please spread the word, and let's SAVE the BOOM!!! and Laguna's gay heritage along with it.

Thank you and scroll down to see the fun photos:

Jeannie looking gorgeous with her daughter, son-in-law and her adorable granddaughter!

The wine was a flowin'. Thanks, guys!

Peter, John, Andrew R., Andrew R., Michael and John Wooden

Movie star and longtime Laguna resident, Tom Panno on the left

Yay, Violet was there. She's in the movie and was sensational! Former Boom server.
The Narrator, Andrew, Edie, John and Steve buying some raffle tickets.

Keiko Beatie giving a short lecture on the films playing. She put the whole night together. Thank you, Keiko!!! It was magnificent.

SAVE the BOOM!!! Treasurer and "Saving the Boom" star, Shane Miller with good friends Diane and Jay Foster in from Denver for the Premiere

Film Society members are all ears listening to Keiko explain the night's films.

Fred out front. "Saving the Boom" and "Harry Potter". A great double bill!

The theater was full -- 300 + people!!!

The boys in the balcony

The marquis is coming down. What a night!!!
After Party at the Marine Room

Fred and SAVE the BOOM!!! donor Peter Montgomery

Andrew who just moved back to Laguna and Russell visiting from Cody, Wyoming

John and Neal at the Post Party

Laguna Beach Screening at Club Bounce, Thursday, August 27, 2009

The DJ spinning away. Everyone was dancing.

SAVE the BOOM!!! Calendar Models; January Joe and February Ray -in from Boston

Fred, Dan, Joe and Film Maker John Keitel

Michael visiting from Vienna loved the movie -- thumbs up!
Justin and Bounce Manager and Bartender, Michael

Cody, Dianna and Teddy (former Boom Bartender) celebrating
Thanks to one and all for helping with the film, supporting our effort and turning out to see John Keitel's wonderful film
Best regards,
Fred Karger


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