Monday, December 10, 2007

Holiday Update

well, all is not quiet on the Laguna Beach front this holiday season. There is an excellent story by Richard Andreoli in the current issue of IN Los Angeles Magazine. IN and its sister publication Frontiers have done an incredible job of covering our efforts to SAVE the BOOM!!! over the past 22 months. In fact it was IN columnist Dana Miller who broke the story back in February of 2006. I have attached Richard’s story below as well as the link which is:

There is movement on a buyer for the Coast Inn and the Boom Boom Room and we may have some encouraging news soon. Note the comments in the IN story from Mr. Udvar-Hazy’s real estate agent, Joe Smith.

Our documentarian, John Keitel has almost finished editing an absolutely award winning “mini-doc” of our SAVE the BOOM!!! campaign. John has shot over 30 hours (!) of footage of literally everything that we have done. He is producing the first documentary for Current TV (Al Gore’s television company). This mini-doc will be 10 minutes long in anticipation of a much longer documentary to be out next year. And it looks like the mini-documentary will be shown at Slamdance film festival in conjunction with the Sundance Film Festival in late January!!! Many of you were interviewed for this documentary, and it should be available for viewing soon. I have seen the rough cut and it is so beautifully done. You will very moved when you see it.

And the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar has been a big success. There are still several hundred available for purchase, but they are going fast. Go to our web site to order yours for only $14.95 each. Order plenty as they make a great gift for the holidays.

IN Los Angels is doing a COVER STORY on the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar featuring 3 of our Calendar Models: Caleb King, Ryan Kollock and Russell Mason. They shot the photos for the cover on Tuesday in LA. Caleb, Ryan and Russell should be featured plus interviews with each guy in the December 29th issue. And the ultra exclusive Riviera Magazine is doing a feature on our Cover Model Caleb King for its January 2008 issue, which comes out in a few weeks.

So that is the latest as we are all hard at work to SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!!

Happy Holidays to all.

December 1, 2007

The Boom Boom Room sits dark and empty, and the once thriving gay resort town continues to hemorrhage gay and lesbian residents. Are Laguna Beach’s gay days over?

By Richard Andreoli

Laguna Beach has long been considered a vacation destination for LGBT travelers, but through the years, interest has waned. Even Southern California queers, who live within an hour’s drive, rarely speak of the area’s sexy sunbathers and festive parties, opting instead for more popular haunts across the globe. Then came the recent closure of Laguna’s popular gay nightclub, the Boom Boom Room, and the death of this gay resort town seemed imminent.

“It was a very symbolic closing,” observes Bob Gentry, who served as mayor of Laguna from 1982-1994 and was the first openly gay mayor in the United States . “The Boom’s closing was symbolic of a change in the dynamic of the community.”

To understand that change, one must look at Laguna Beach ’s progressive roots, which began in the early 1900s. Painters from San Francisco journeyed south to form the city’s first artist colony, and their sensibility shaped Laguna’s formation. In the ’30s, ’40s and ’50s, Hollywood stars escaped the public’s prying eyes by vacationing here, and while the surrounding cities turned more conservative, Laguna remained socially liberal and a haven for homosexuals.

“It’s always been this great, tolerant, understanding place,” says Fred Karger, founder of the Save the Boom ( campaign. Karger first visited Laguna in 1973 then moved here in 1995, but in the last 10 years he says the demographics have changed. “As property values have gone through the roof, a lot of older gay couples cashed out and moved. The other thing that’s changed is younger men and women don’t have to live in Laguna anymore. If they want to buy a home, they go to Aliso Viejo or Mission Viejo . They come to Laguna to go to parties or bars or restaurants, but that necessity of a gay couple having to live in Laguna is [gone].”

Gentry agrees, adding that the AIDS epidemic also killed many residents and gay leaders who would have generated a strong gay presence in town. Likewise, he says that local governments need to communicate that their community is welcoming of and safe for gay people. This happens through sponsoring events, spending money on advertising and outreach and through pro-gay legislation, such as when Gentry instituted domestic partner registration, an AIDS task force and non-discrimination policies toward people with AIDS during his tenure.

“Those are the kinds of things that have not occurred in Laguna over the last number of years,” he says. “And in the meantime, other destination resorts like Fort Lauderdale and Palm Springs have done a lot of proactive outreach to [LGBT travelers], and it’s worked.”

This isn’t to say that Laguna is devoid of queer life. The gay beach is still located two miles south of downtown near Aliso Beach . Club Bounce has taken over the night scene, though most young denizens prefer driving to Long Beach or West Hollywood during winter months, and various businesses now host gay happy hour, karaoke and drag nights; the website was even launched to provide local news and event information, though as of press time it hadn’t been updated since September. But for long-time residents like Karger, the Boom is still Laguna’s gay focal point.

“The Boom was the epicenter for 60 years and that’s where everybody would go, young or old, to dance or just chat,” he says. “We don’t have a lot of landmarks in our civil rights movement and I think it’s important that we fight for our history, particularly in preserving it for the future.”

The man who purchased the Coast Inn, which houses the Boom Boom Room, as well as the liquor store and Gay Mart locations across the street, is Steven Udvar-Hazy. According to a May 2007 article in the New York Times, Hazy is a billionaire three-times over who owns and leases commercial airplanes to companies like Cathay Pacific, Air France and American. The intensely private businessman originally intended to build a high-end retail space a la Rodeo Drive , but that may be changing.

“He’s developing it, but [the properties are] also for sale,” says Joe Smith, Hazy’s realtor from Monarch Beach Realty. “ Laguna Beach is not like a normal place to build because they have so many restrictions. It’s a very challenging piece of property. I would think the chances of selling it are 90 percent, because we have several interested parties that we’re entertaining offers from right now.”

Due to those restrictions from both city government and the California Coastal Commission, the scenario most locals envision is that new owners will refurbish and reopen the property rather than tearing down the structures and building something new. This doesn’t mean that the space will necessarily become an LGBT establishment—and Karger openly admits he’ll fight any attempts to do otherwise—but it is clear from the support he has gotten that Laguna Beach isn’t ready to forget its gay roots.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007 Worldwide.

Men of Laguna Beach Calendars Going Fast Going, Going, Gone… Worldwide

The Men of Laguna Beach at a recent Calendar Signing in West Hollywood . January (Joe) thru December (Daniel) were represented

LAGUNA BEACH, CA -- With the holiday shopping season officially starting this Friday after Thanksgiving, we wanted to remind you of the perfect gift for everyone on your holiday list this year – the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar for 2008. It’s easy and it’s Green. No running around to malls, just go to and order away. Your calendars will be delivered by the U S Postal Service and you won’t have to spend $3.50 per gallon for gas. So help prevent global warming and BUY YOUR CALENDARS TODAY! You can charge you purchase to your credit card or use pay pal:

And if you are traveling around the country or the world, the Men of Laguna Beach can now be found at fine stores and bookstores all over. In Laguna Beach there are several outlets carrying the calendar. Among those are: Stylistic Intervention, Laguna Beach Colony Company, Latitude 33 Bookstore, Gay Mart and Club Bounce (see Mike at the bar). If you find yourself in Washington , DC the calendar can be found at Lambda Rising Book Store on Connecticut Avenue . In Los Angeles at A Different Light Bookstore in West Hollywood. And we are very excited to announce that the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar can be purchased in Sydney , Australia at The Bookshop Darlinghurst on Oxford Street .

Feel free to forward this email to your friends, family and co-workers to help them with their holiday gift giving. All proceeds from the sale of our calendar goes to The Laguna Beach Resources Center, the Laguna Beach AIDS Advisory Committee and Save the Boom.
Thank you very much for your help as we work to SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!!

Happy Holiday to all!!!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

LA Invasion

Well, just recovering from a very successful Los Angeles Invasion by the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar Models. Seven out of twelve months in the Calendar were represented. They took the 405 up for the Calendar Signing at A Different Light Bookstore in West Hollywood followed by a jammed packed After Party at the super hot Hollywood restaurant and night club, Falcon which on Tuesday night is called Beige. Lots of Calendars were sold at both events and the buzz even in LA was “let’s get the Landmark Boom Boom Room reopened soon! “
We found more allies in our effort to help find someone to Buy or Lease the 60 year old bar and the Coast Inn in which it is housed. There definitely has been increased interest in the property, and SAVE the BOOM!!! continues its search for a buyer or lessee to come in and Remodel the historic property and turn it into the finest gay resort and club in the world -- the New Boom!

Below are photos from Tuesday’s two events.

No Searchlights in front of this Calendar Event, instead future Calendar models Brad and Lucas help out by handing out flyers in to passerby’s. Thank you Brad and Lucas!

Hard to hold a cocktail and a Calendar at the same time, but this After Party Pair figured out the trick.

Chris (September) and Contestant Coordinator Brian greeting guests, or is it bidding farewell to guests at the entrance to Beige at Falcon. It was a packed house Tuesday night for the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar After Party. Thanks to all the models, volunteers and everyone who came to support our LA invasion!!!
Gustavo and Daniel (top row) join in with Chris, Ryan, Joe, Caleb and Michael getting ready for the LA Calendar Sale and Signing at A Different Light Bookstore.

Reality TV Stars Daniel (Mr. December) here with co-star Rachael who came by to support Daniel and buy some calendars for Holiday Gift Giving at the Bookstore. They both are currently on VH1’s highly popular show America’s Most Smartest Model. Tune is Sunday nights to see who the winner will be!

January (Joe) thru December (Daniel) responded to the crowd’s request for a Calendar- like pose before heading out the After Party at Beige. Thanks guys! Calendars can be ordered on line at

Chris (September) and Contestant Coordinator Brian greeting guests, or is it bidding farewell to guests at the entrance to Beige at Falcon. It was a packed house Tuesday night for the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar After Party. Thanks to all the models, volunteers and everyone who came to support our LA invasion!!!

Cover Model, Caleb (second from left) with some tall friends and fans, David, Rob and Derek.

It was Raining Men of Laguna Beach Calendars. Sean checking out the paper stock….

Hard to hold a cocktail and a Calendar at the same time, but this After Party Pair figured out the trick.

Star Water Polo Player and former Water Polo Calendar Model, Ryan (left) and ½ of the hit Band Nemesis Rising, Jacob at the After Party looking for Jacob’s twin brother Joshua.

On sale now:
Men of Laguna Beach 2008 Calendar

All proceeds go to: SAVE the BOOM!!!, The Laguna Beach Resources Center and the Laguna Beach HIV Advisory Committee.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

LA Calendar Party

Well, let the Calendar Sales and Parties Continue. Just in time for holiday giving, we are bringing the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar Models up to L. A.! SAVE the Boom!!! is sponsoring 2 BIG events on Tuesday, November 6, 2007. This follows our very successful Launch Party in Laguna Beach on October 20th. Here is the schedule for Los Angeles.

Tuesday, November 6th 5:30 to 7:00 pm

Calendar Signing at the Famous A Different Light Bookstore in the heart of West Hollywood. Come meet the models and get your 2008 Men of Laguna Beach Calendars signed and have photos with the models. This will not be your typical “signing” event. It will be lots of fun and there will be surprises.

8853 Santa Monica Blvd.West Hollywood, CA 90069Phone: 310-854-6601

Then join the Men of Laguna Beach at the After Party at Beige This will be co-sponsored by SAVE the BOOM!!! along with Rusty and Victor of Beige. Beige is held every Tuesday night at Falcon, and is LA’s premier night out celebrating its 8th anniversary.

Tuesday, November 6th 10:00 pm til 2:00 am
After Party at Beige, located at Falcon Restaurant and Bar

7213 Sunset Blvd. (between Fairfax and LaBrea)
Los Angeles, CA 90046

All proceeds from the sale of our 2008 Men of Laguna Beach Calendar go to support The Laguna Beach HIV Advisory Committee, the Laguna Beach Resources Center and SAVE the BOOM!!!

Please join us at one or both events a week from Tuesday, November 6th
5:30 to 7:00 pm @ A Different Light Bookstore
10:00 pm to 2:00 am at Beige at Falcon

If you can’t wait until next Tuesday, or have an important conflict, we understand. You can order your calendars on line. Simply go to and order away. All major credit cards accepted.

Thank you very much for your support as we fight to SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!! Look forward to seeing you on the 6th!

Monday, October 29, 2007

More Party Pics

Thought that you would be interested in Suzie Harrison’s front page story from this week’s Laguna Beach Independent re the sale of the Boom Boom Room and Coast Inn. It also explains what is happening with Mr. Udvar-Hazy’s other properties on Coast Highway and Mountain. Very interesting story.

You will also find some more photos from our Men of Laguna Beach 2008 Calendar Launch Party that was held last Saturday night at Stylistic Intervention in downtown Laguna Beach. These wonderful pictures are courtesy of professional photographer, David Lundin Thank you, David!

We will keep you posted on our upcoming Los Angeles Calendar Party – happening soon!

New Direction Ahead for Gay Landmark
A for sale sign propped inside the Boom Boom Room this week confirms that Beverly Hills billionaire Steven Udvar-Hazy is ready to unload the historic Coast Inn and 60-plus-year gay landmark that closed Sept. 3.

The sign raises hope for Boom fans who desire to see the gay beacon reopen, but Udvar-Hazy’s architect says seeing the disco ball glimmering again is highly improbable in the near future. The asking price is $14 million, according to one person.

“Quite honestly I don’t think it’s likely,” said local architect Morris Skenderian, who has been working with the property’s owner in recent months.

“I know Fred has a drive to preserve the Boom,” said Skenderian, referring to Fred Karger, the Laguna Beach resident who initiated a campaign nearly two years ago to preserve the gay landmark with his Save the Boom campaign. To bring the bar and adjacent Coast Inn to current building codes alone would be monumental without considering other issues, such as lack of parking. “It may not even be feasible,” he added.

Skenderian’s initial focus is reworking plans of a previous architect whose work on an adjacent beach-front home had been rejected by the Design Review Board as too ambitious. “Once we get approval we’ll switch gears to the hotel and liquor store,” said Skenderian. “The likelihood of the liquor store staying is good and the hotel staying is good. Whether the restaurant will be incorporated is unknown.”

The general direction for the hotel is toward refurbishing rather than starting over, said Skendarian, also the architect behind the recent renovation of the historic Pottery Shack into a vibrant commercial center.

Karger, who remains perpetually optimistic, said Hazy’s broker, Joseph Smith of Monarch Beach Realty, is in negotiations with potential gay buyers. “He’s been in touch with me to help find a buyer. I’ve sent several,” Karger said. Neither Hazy nor Smith returned calls seeking comment.

Hazy is seeking $14 million for the Coast Inn and the Boom, $6 million for the Liquor Mart, Gay Mart and parking lot, according to Karger, based on prices in July. Skenderian didn’t seem to indicate Udvar-Hazy is selling the house, valued at $8 million. Karger says definitively he isn’t.
Former co-owner of the property and current lessee Patrick O’Loughlin is seemingly in the dark about the sign. “I’m not sure what the sign means; it’s not for sale; it doesn’t say that it’s for inquiries contact…a slight nuance one from the other.”

To see the Boom booming again would be O’Loughlin’s wish. “I’m willing to sign a multi-year lease. I’m interested in overseeing the club again.” If the bar reopened, it would impact the hotel’s business. He’s working on transferring the liquor license to Udvar-Hazy.

In the meantime the hotel is self-sufficient and is used for monthly rentals. “It’s good seeing life at the hotel,” he said.

O’Loughlin, who originally was to close Labor Day weekend in 2006, received a one-year lease extension, which ended Sept. 3, and is now on a month-to-month lease.

He was told Skenderian was looking at the possibility of redevelopment plans. “There are not any great secrets. I think Udvar-Hazy likes to think of realistic possibilities.”

The only gay bar left in town is benefiting from the Boom’s closure. Bounce bartender Gabby Huerta said tips are up 30 percent and business has nearly quadrupled, but he still misses the Boom and Woody’s.

Here are Kate and Caleb with “The Facts of Life” star Mindy Cohen aka Natalie Green (left). Mindy came to support SAVE the BOOM!!!

SAVE the BOOM!!! documentarian John Keitel (left) enjoying the Launch Party with Michelle and Steve.

Cover Model, Caleb with volunteer extraordinaire, Carolyn Morris.

Checking out the calendar while checking out at Stylistic Intervention.

Caleb and Kate drumming up sales!

Ryan, Michael, Russ, Joe, Chris, Caleb and Caleb helping sales during the live auction. And encouraging everyone to help 3 great causes and buy calendars. It’s so easy to order on line.
Just go to:

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Calendar Party a Success

An overflow crowd of over 300 guests packed Stylistic Intervention in downtown Laguna Beach last night to officially kick off the Men of Laguna 2008 Calendar at our Launch Party. Guests were greeted by 3 searchlights and treated to Laguna Man-Tinis made with Skyy Vodka (our official Vodka Sponsor – Thank You SKYY!!!) lots of delicious hors d’oeuvres and mini deserts made lovingly be Maggie Hempen and her crew from “Such a Great Party”. Stylistic Intervention owner Sondra Piorek and manager, Judy Wilson were the perfect hosts.

How Many Chefs Does it Take to Cut the Brownies? They were so good!!! Maggie on the phone.

The Bartenders serving Laguna Man-Tinis and lots of champagne.

All the models attending including Mr. September, Chris (left) and January Joe signed calendars all night long.

Mr. August, Ryan and his beautiful wife Teresa (due next week!) taking a break.

Cover Model (and Mr. November) Caleb helping to auction off the donated Wyland Print as Auctioneer Kate gets top dollar from a generous guest.

Mike (shirt on) bought the giant poster of the Calendar and then the guys literally gave the shirts off their backs to help raise more $$ for SAVE the BOOM!!!, The Laguna Resources Center and the Laguna Beach HIV Advisory Board.

Special thanks to everyone who participated in the making of this first Men of Laguna Beach Calendar:

Cris Lapp – Exclusive Photographer Brad Mayo – Calendar Graphic Designer, Shane Miller – Open Casting Promoter, Kathy Lucker - Promotional Graphics, Brian Wilson – Production Coordinator, D.D. Devine – Open Casting Mistress of Ceremonies, Kenneth Hill, Managing Editor AOL’s and the Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot.

And at the Launch Party: David Lundin, Photographer, Sande St. John and her wonderful volunteers; Connie, Carolyn and Bill Morris, Eliseo and Steve and Marion and all of the models, especially the Final 12 who are such great representatives of Laguna Beach!

If you missed the party you can go on line and easily order calendars for only $14.95 at:

And thanks to you for all of you support and encouragement as we work to SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!!