Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Casting Call: Men of Laguna Calendar Auditions

Well, hold onto your hats, because SAVE the BOOM!!! (www.savetheboom.com) is getting ready to have the first of its kind tryouts for the Men of Laguna Beach Calendar. I have included the Media Advisory that went out to the press today and a copy of the flyer that we are distributing around town. Please email a copy of the flyer to anyone that you think might be interested in trying out for our 2008 calendar. All men trying out need to either live or work in Laguna Beach and be at least 18 years old. There is $850.00 in prize money for the top three vote getters by our panel of ‘American Idol’ like judges. And be sure and come to the Boom Boom Room on Saturday, July 7th from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm to witness a little slice of history and have some fun! Thank you very much for your support!!!

News Advisory Contact: Fred Karger

June 25, 2007
949/494-4750 or regrak@aol.com

SAVE the BOOM!!! To Have Open Casting 07- 07- 07

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – SAVE the BOOM!!! (www.savetheboom.com) today announced that it will sponsor a first ever open casting to find the 20 best looking men in Laguna Beach for its

2008 Calendar. The open casting will take place on lucky Saturday, July 7, 2007 (07- 07- 07) from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Boom Boom Room, 1401 South Coast Highway, Laguna Beach, CA, Fred Karger, Founder of SAVE the BOOM!!! announced today.

“A panel of judges will be looking for the top 20 men, who will all have photo secessions with celebrity photographer Cristopher Lapp (http://www.cristopherlapp.com). The field will then be narrowed down to the final 12. The judges will then pick the top three who will win prize money. First Place finisher -- $500.00, Second Place -- $250.00 and Third Place -- $100.00.
Boom Boom Room bartenders Ryan and Tim look calendar ready.

“Everyone trying out must either live or work in Laguna Beach,” stated Karger. “We plan on selling the calendars around town and through a distributor. We will be presenting the good-looking men of Laguna Beach to the rest of country and the world.”

It’s a great way to raise some money, showcase one of Laguna Beach’s best assets, promote Laguna and have some fun. And everyone entering will have a chance to win the $500.00 first place prize. The money raised will go to support the ongoing efforts of SAVE the BOOM!!! and will be split with local charities in and around Laguna,” said Karger.

In addition to calendar photographer Cristopher Lapp, the first two announced judges will be noted Hollywood Casting Directors Paul Weber, head of casting for MGM Television Worldwide and Jason Wood, Independent Casting Director and former Manager, Talent and Casting at 20th Century Fox Television. Both Wood and Weber have worked extensively in film and television for over 15 years a piece. Other judges will be announced prior to the open casting.

SAVE the BOOM!!! is a grassroots organization formed in 2006 to help save the oldest gay bar in the Western U.S., the landmark Boom Boom Room and the Coast Inn in which it is housed.



Open Casting Call
Saturday, July 7th
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
1st Place: $500
2nd Place: $250
3rd Place: $100

We are searching for the absolute 20 Best Looking Men in Laguna Beach for our first Men of Laguna Beach Calendar. These 20 finalists will then be voted on for the 12 monthly spots on what will be the hottest male calendar since Chippendales began the first all male calendar 25 years ago.

Open Casting Call:

When: Saturday, July 7, 2007
2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Where: The Boom Boom Room
1401 South Coast Highway
Laguna Beach

There will be a panel of judges casting the 20 best looking gay and straight men who either live or work in Laguna Beach and are at least 18 years old.*

The Men of Laguna Beach Calendar will be sold as a fund raiser for SAVE the BOOM!!! (www.savetheboom.com) and local Laguna Beach charities.

All models must sign releases in order to be eligible to appear in the calendar and receive the prize money.

Suggested attire: shorts, board shorts, swimming suit along with a t-shirt or tank top.

For more information: email savetheboom@aol.com or call 949.494.4750

* Please bring some form of identification

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Boom Boom in the LA Times

I want to pass along Dana Parsons’ wonderful column from a recent Los Angeles Times -- Orange County Edition. He really captured the essence of what we are trying to accomplish in Laguna Beach with all our efforts to save this landmark bar and over 100 years of gay history along with it.


Have also here is a link to an excellent story from last week’s Orange County Register --Laguna News Post by Christa Woodall on our move into Hollywood.

Local News : Orange County

Los Angeles Times Saturday, June 16, 2007

It can be a blast trying to save a Boom
A P.R. man has a little fun with his cause: preserving an iconic gay bar in Laguna.

June 16, 2007

Fred Karger is having the time of his life. Or so I figured. How could he not be?

Yes, it's serious business trying to save the venerable Boom Boom Room in Laguna Beach, but when the effort includes a demonstration on Hollywood Boulevard and entreaties to George Clooney and Brad Pitt, how can it not be fun?

It's a charge to which Karger pleads guilty — with an explanation.

"I'm having a good time," he says Friday afternoon, "but it's a lot more work than I had anticipated. It keeps the good times in check, with long hours and meetings. It has become a kind of political campaign."

Karger has done just what a former public relations guy is supposed to do — keep the media interested in his cause. And what savvier way to do it than taking out an ad in Daily Variety that said, in addition to a somewhat impassioned narrative, "George and Brad, Please Help Save the Boom!!!"

Not that there's been any real indication that either has the slightest interest in doing so — a fact that Karger readily concedes. But if you want to enlist Hollywood's help, why not ask a couple of the coolest cats in town?

The Boom is the room that's been around since those post-World War II days when things seemed so much simpler. Located a mile south of Main Beach in Laguna, it was a popular serviceman's haunt and just so happened to attract both a gay and straight crowd home from the war.

It morphed over the years into the city's iconic gay bar, an important designation for a town that elected the country's first openly gay mayor and that sported a significant gay population. The city's embrace, if you will, of gay people, took some courage if you consider that well into the 1960s it was illegal for two men to dance with each other.

Now, the bar's existence is in jeopardy. The bar and 23-room inn attached to it has been bought by a Beverly Hills businessman who has announced plans to convert the property to an upscale hotel, minus the Boom Boom. However, he since has extended the property's lease, giving Karger and others reason to hope that he'd be willing to sell to another buyer.

Which explains the plan a week and a half ago to get in the faces — in a nice way — of Clooney and Pitt while they were doing the handprint/footprint thing at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. Karger, wearing a sport coat, was joined at the scene by about a dozen demonstrators in yellow T-shirts bearing the "Save the Boom" message. That was Step Two of the plan that began with the Variety ad the day before.

The two movie hunks were targeted, Karger acknowledges, solely because they had been linked to the ownership group that bought the property in 2005. The stars denied any connection, and Karger says he has no reason to think they ever were involved.

Still ….

As a former P.R. man, he knows what sells. "It worked beyond my wildest dreams about getting attention," he says. "And that was without any reaction from them. It got a lot of attention. That was my hope, by invoking their names. There are still a lot of people who think they bought it, and this was to kind of further that rumor a little bit and have fun with it. These guys, they kind of kid each other."

While blithely involving Pitt and Clooney sounds a little cheesy, Karger has the same sense about the tandem that I do — this is the kind of gambit that won't bother them.

"Brad Pitt is the one who has said he won't get married until everyone can," Karger says, taking that as an endorsement of gay marriage.

"It was all done humorously," Karger says. "And the ad, which I wrote, was tongue-in-cheek, meant to get their attention and, bottom line, to find a new buyer [for the Boom Boom property]."

I ask Karger, 57, if he's out of ideas. "We're maybe at the halfway point," of the campaign, which, he says, in all seriousness, is about preserving "the heart and soul of the gay community in Laguna Beach."

OK, but anything to rival the Variety ad and the Grauman's moment? "Well, nothing really," he says, chuckling. "We've got a couple things planned over the summer, but nothing like that."


Dana Parsons' column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. He can be reached at (714) 966-7821 or at dana.parsons@latimes.com. An archive of his recent columns is at http://www.latimes.com/parsons .

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Save the Boom Gets International Coverage

Local resident Fred Karger’s efforts to find a gay buyer for the Boom Boom Room night club and Coast Inn took him to Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood earlier in the week and to Las Vegas on Wednesday. Supporters are vying for an audience with actors George Clooney and Brad Pitt, traveling to promote their new film, “Ocean’s Thirteen.”
Laguna Beach Independent

Dear Friends -- well it has been quite a week since we first kicked off our campaign to try and persuade George Clooney and Brad Pitt to Buy the BOOM!!! with our ad last Monday in Daily Variety. The ad has triggered an outpouring of support and interest in our efforts to find a buyer who will keep the historic Coast Inn and the landmark Boom Boom Room as gay businesses.

We have received worldwide coverage in old and new media and tremendous support here at home. We did several local and national television and radio interviews. And in searching google there are literally hundreds of stories written on our quest for a buyer. They are from all over the world and we have received many calls and emails from potential buyers and press from the UK, Asia, Italy, Canada and throughout the U.S. We have meetings coming up, and have put some of the serious buyers in direct contact with the property owner.

Still no word from George and Brad to our appeal, but they had very busy week launching the very successful release of Ocean’s Thirteen!

Below is a list with links to of some of the major coverage that we have received worldwide. Also below is a copy of an incredible Editorial from this week’s Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot and the front page photo from the Laguna Beach Independent.

Thanks for all your interest and help as we work to SAVE the BOOM -- Forever!!!

Best regards,

Fred Karger

Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot
EDITORIAL: Boom efforts applauded

It's getting down to the wire for the survival of the Boom Boom Room and Coast Inn, two establishments that have been the bedrock of the gay community in Laguna Beach and beyond for some 60 years.

Gay activist Fred Karger, founder of Save the Boom!, is hoping that a gay angel — or more than one — will come forward with the money and wherewithal to purchase these ocean view properties and keep them as they are. Steven Udvar-Hazy, the billionaire airline businessman who bought the scenic sites a year ago, has decided he'd rather not try to redevelop them, and has put them on the market.

Price tag: $19 million. It's anyone's guess what will happen to the properties at this juncture, but a gay buyer is being actively sought. Now Karger has gone so far as to take out an ad in Variety asking actors Brad Pitt and George Clooney — who might just have $19 million or know where to get it — to step forward and "Save the Boom."Pitt and Clooney — currently in the spotlight due to the release of their new "Ocean's 13" film — were originally linked through the rumor mill to a possible purchase of the Boom and Coast Inn before it became the property of Udvar-Hazy. That rumor was vigorously denied by the stars' publicity machine, but it made headlines around the world for its connotation of the two hunky actors joined in a possibly gay venture.

Karger's ad may be a bit tongue-in-cheek — or a bit cheeky — but it's doing the job he probably wanted: getting even more publicity mileage for his year-long campaign for somebody, somewhere to keep the Boom alive. The Boom has a long history of linkages to Hollywood stars, of course, the most famous, and tragic, being Rock Hudson, who held court there during his golden days before he was felled by AIDS. While the Variety ad has generated a lot of buzz, we doubt that Pitt and Clooney would want to be front and center in a "Save the Boom" bid. Karger, a former publicist, is pulling out all the stops to try to save his beloved Boom Boom Room from erasure, and we give him a "thumb's up" for his heroic efforts to keep part of Laguna's storied and romantic past in the present. Maybe he should take out another ad, this time asking Rosie O'Donnell and Ellen Degeneres to make an offer. Having just left her TV talk show perch, Rosie just might like "the view" from the bar at the Boom Boom Room.

George Clooney and Brad Pitt Media Coverage

KCBS2. com + KCAL -- http://cbs2.com/business/local_story_155050223.html

KNBC-TV -- http://www.knbc.com/entertainment/13436604/detail.html?rss=la&psp=news

Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot Editorial --http://www.coastlinepilot.com/articles/2007/06/08/opinion/cpt-editorial08.txt

Laguna Beach Independent Front Page Photo -- http://www.lagunabeachindependent.com/

O C Register --

TMZ -- http://www.tmz.com/2007/06/03/pitt-and-clooney-mixed-up-in-gay-bar-fight

Defamer -- http://defamer.com/hollywood/gay-real-estate/brad-and-george-get-another-shot-at-purchasing-the-gay+owned-business-of-their-dreams-265705.php

E! On Line -- http://boards.eonline.com/Insider/Boards/thread.jspa?threadID=52300

Curbed LA -- http://la.curbed.com/

Towelroad -- http://www.towleroad.com/2007/06/brad_pitt_and_g.html

Boi From Troy -- http://boifromtroy.com/?p=6446

The Advocate -- http://www.advocate.com/news_detail_ektid45717.asp

San Francisco Chronicle -- http://gay_blog.blogspot.com/2007/06/clooney-and-pitt-asked-to-save-oc-gay.html

KNX (CBS) News Radio -- http://www.knx1070.com/pages/539666.php?contentType=4&contentId=573422

KPPC - Southern CA Public Radio -- http://www.scpr.org/

Misc Coverage --


Towelroad – Grauman’s Coverage: http://www.towleroad.com/2007/06/lagunas_boom_bo.html

The Edge Boston -- http://www.edgeboston.com/index.php?ci=108&ch=news&sc=glbt&sc2=news&sc3=&id=20863

A Socialite’s Life -- http://socialitelife.com/2007/06/04/clooney_and_pitt_asked_to_save_gay_landmark_in_cali.php

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Boxnet -- http://www.boxxet.com/Brad_Pitt/GAY_CALIFORNIANS_APPEAL_TO_CLOONEY_AND_PITT_TO_BUY_BAR.61213146.details

Clooney Project -- http://clooneyproject.livejournal.com/2007/06/05/

Clooney Studio -- http://clooneystudio.com/

QueerFilter -- http://gay_blog.blogspot.com/2007/06/clooney-and-pitt-asked-to-save-oc-gay.html

Gay Business News -- http://www.247gay.com/print_this_article.cfm?section=66&id=14976

GayLink News -- http://www.gaylinknews.com/storydetail2.cfm?storyid=14976

Huffington Post -- http://www.huffingtonpost.com/topics/Paul+Lynde

Houston Voice -- http://www.houstonvoice.com/blog/index.cfm?blogger=14

The Liberal OC -- http://theliberaloc.com/2007/06/03/doom-doom-and-gloom-gloom-for-the-boom-boom/

Yahoo Xtra -- http://nz.entertainment.yahoo.com/070604/6/kt1.html

SFGate.com -- http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfgate/detail?blogid=7&entry_id=17304

UKGay.com -- http://uk.gay.com/headlines/11660

Post Chronicle -- http://www.postchronicle.com/news/original/article_21284312.shtml

Asian News Intl -- http://www.aol.in/hollywood/story/2007060406509026000006/index.html

Even More Photos From Memorial Day

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Clooney and Pitt to Buy the Boom?

dear friends – we wanted you to be the first to know about our new campaign to find a buyer for the Boom Boom Room and Coast Inn. We are formally asking superstars George Clooney and Brad Pitt to buy the Boom and keep it as a gay club in a ¼ page ad running tomorrow, Monday, June 4th in Daily Variety.

They were reported to have purchased the property along with Beverly Hills billionaire Steven Udvar-Hazy in the fall of 2005. And now that Mr. Udvar-Hazy has officially put the Boom and the Coast Inn (in which it is located) up for sale, we are hoping that George and Brad will come in and save the day and SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!!

We have some more activities planned throughout the week to coincide with the opening of Ocean’s Thirteen starring George and Brad which opens this Friday. We’ll keep you posted.

The news release announcing the campaign is below, as is a copy of the Variety ad, the story from the Orange County Business Journal that told of their purchase of the Boom back in the fall of 2005 and a great photo of the two stars.

Best regards,

Fred Karger

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Fred Karger –Founder
Robert F. Gentry – Co Chair
June 4, 2006 760/770-8787

George Clooney & Brad Pitt -- Help Save the BOOM!!!
Gay Community Runs Ad in Daily Variety Appealing to Stars for Help

LAGUNA BEACH, CA – The one year old grassroots effort to save the landmark Boom Boom Room and Coast Inn in Laguna Beach reached up to Hollywood today to help SAVE the BOOM!!! (www.savetheboom.com)

In a ¼ page ad running today in the Daily Variety, there is an all out appeal to superstars George Clooney and Brad Pitt headlined: “George and Brad, Please Help SAVE the BOOM!!!” The ad goes on to ask the superstars, “Now we are appealing to both of you to buy our 60 year old landmark before it is converted into a boutique hotel.”

Clooney and Pitt were widely reported to have purchased the nightclub and hotel back in the fall of 2005 along with Beverly Hills Billionaire Steven Udvar-Hazy. E! Entertainment On Line broke the story and it became a big international news item. Spokespeople for the two stars denied their partnership with Mr. Udvar-Hazy at that time.

“The Gay Community of Laguna Beach is being thrown out into the Pacific Ocean and we are looking for some help from our friends,” said Bob Gentry, former Laguna Beach Mayor and City Councilman and Co-Chair of SAVE the BOOM!!!! “We have been talking to lots of potential buyers over the past several months and we thought we would try this bold approach to appeal to these thoughtful and caring stars.”

The ad states, “Both of you are true leaders in human and civil rights. Over 100 years of gay history that the Boom represents is a stake in Laguna Beach.”

It was reported 10 days ago that the property was officially put up for sale. Mr. Udvar-Hazy purchased the ocean front hotel and bar built in 1927 in the fall of 2005. He and his architects have been working with city planners to convert the gay hotel and bar into a boutique hotel and upscale restaurant. A Los Angeles realtor reported that Mr. Udvar-Hazy was planning to take his hotel and restaurant concept to another city in Orange County.

“When we first found out that our landmark bar was about to close, we got organized and decided to fight its closure,” said Fred Karger, founder of SAVE the BOOM!!!. “The landmark Boom Boom Room was set to close last Labor Day (2006), but Mr. Udvar-Hazy was very helpful and gave us a one year reprieve. With Labor Day 2007 rapidly approaching, we figured we’d see if these great stars would come help the gay community down here in Laguna.”

“The citizens of and visitors to Laguna Beach are behind us,” added Karger. “We gathered 6,000 signatures on petitions to SAVE the BOOM!!! in just 3 months last summer. The petitions were asking the Mayor and the City Council to help us. Our cries for help have been heard. Now we are appealing to George Clooney and Brad Pitt to Please Help Save the BOOOM – Forever!!!.”

The Daily Variety Ad is in the previous posting today.

-- more --

Posted date: 10/31/2005
Clooney, Pitt to Buy Boom Boom Room

Nightclub, Hotel Could Be Converted Into Restaurant and B&B

By Rick Reiff
Orange County Business Journal Staff
George Clooney, Brad Pitt and an airplane finance tycoon are buying one of Laguna Beach’s best-known gay bars and plan to turn it into a ritzy restaurant and bed and breakfast, according to sources.
The actors have teamed with Beverly Hills billionaire Steven F. Udvar-Hazy, chief executive of airplane lessor International Lease Finance Corp., to buy the Boom Boom Room and its adjoining Coast Inn on Pacific Coast Highway, sources said.
The bar and hotel could be converted into a restaurant and the first bed and breakfast in a chain of such getaways to bear the names of Clooney and Pitt.Clooney also has teamed with developers who are planning the $3 billion Las Ramblas condominium and hotel complex near the Strip in Las Vegas.
The real money behind the Laguna Beach deal, sources said, is Udvar-Hazy, who ranks 125th on Forbes’ list of richest Americans with an estimated net worth of $2.1 billion.
With a mansion in Monarch Beach, Udvar-Hazy also appears on the Business Journal’s list of the county’s “Weekend Wealthy.”
The link:

-- end --

Pitt and Clooney Mixed up in Gay Bar Fight

Known for their goodwill efforts in poverty-ravaged parts of the world like Darfur, Brad Pitt and George Clooney are now being asked to come to the aid of a slightly less disenfranchised group -- Laguna Beach gays!

The Boom Boom Room, a popular Laguna Beach, Calif. gay bar for over 60 years, was sold to a Beverly Hills billionaire two years ago for over $12 million. That's a lot of cosmos!

In 2005, Pitt & Clooney were incorrectly labeled as co-investors in the bar, whose rightful owners were planning on turning into yet another upscale (and undoubtedly hetero) oceanfront hotel. The Heche Hilton! With those plans now scrapped, the bar (which is scheduled to stay open until Labor Day) is back on the market and a grassroots organization is appealing to the Hollywood hunks to help Save the Boom! C'mon guys, you know you want to! To make sure they get the message, TMZ has exclusively obtained the ad Save the Boom is running in Monday's Variety, which hopes to persuade Brad and George to "buy our 60-year-old landmark before it is converted into a boutique hotel." And homophobes say gays are the ones doing all the converting?!

If the "Oceans 13" stars decide to purchase the bar and keep the same clientele, they'll find out the only thing easier to get at The Boom than a drink is ... a phone number!

More News on Boom For Sale

dear friends -- thought you would want to start your day with this excellent story from this morning's Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot by Josh Aden. it not only helps in our search for a gay buyer, but get across the emotion of what we are fighting for. there is a place for reader feedback at the end of the story if you would like to send back a comment. thanks for all your interest and support as we work to SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!!

best regards,

fred karger
founder, www.savetheboom.com


Gay buyer sought for Boom Boom
Members of Save the Boom hope to find a future owner who will preserve the site as is.
By Josh AdenThe race is on to find a gay buyer who can afford $19 million for the landmark Boom Boom Room and Coast Inn, after Steven Udvar Hazy decided not to build a hotel in Laguna Beach .Hazy, who bought the legendary bar and an adjacent liquor store a little more than a year ago, is putting the properties back on the market.

Fred Karger of Save the Boom, which gathered thousands of signatures on petitions asking the Laguna Beach City Council to keep the bar intact, is pleased that Hazy is pulling out.

"It's our spot, and it has been for 60 years. We're not giving up, and we're going to fight for it," Karger said. Hazy, a billionaire airline businessman, originally bought the property in hopes of developing it into a boutique hotel.

According to Los Angeles-based real estate agent Christian Goodell, who is working on the sale with Hazy, Hazy has decided to open his hotel elsewhere in Orange County .

"He has been trying to do a development there that doesn't look like its going to fly for whatever reason and he is moving the concept to a different site," Goodell said.

The Goodell Group, which is part of Keller Williams Real Estate, has experience dealing with boutique hotels as well as predominantly gay establishments such as the San Vicente Inn in West Hollywood , Goodell said.

Goodell said that while Hazy is open to selling to buyer who would preserve the Boom Boom Room as a gay establishment, Hazy is overall a businessman, and Goodell expects him to take whatever the best offer is.

"There are questions as to whether we can beat the clock," Goodell said. "The race is on to see whether I can find a gay operator before he sells to the highest bidder."

Goodell said he expects the price to be around $19 million for the bar and hotel, as well as the liquor store across the street on So. Coast Highway .

He said Hazy would most likely want to keep the properties together to sell as a package."Ideally he would like to sell the Coast Inn and the Boom and the adjacent liquor store together," Goodell said.

Goodell said there are already a number of offers, but no decisions have yet been made. Hazy did not return phone calls seeking comment. Karger is working with Goodell in seeking a gay benefactor to purchase the bar. "We'll only be happy if the new owners agree to keep it a primarily gay establishment," Karger said.

Karger said the Boom had a record season last summer and with Woody's, another gay fixture in Laguna, gone, he expects it to be even busier this summer. He described buying the bar as a good business idea. "This could be a goldmine," Karger said. Karger said he feels it's important to preserve places like the Boom Boom Room as mementos of the era before anti- gay discrimination laws went into effect in Laguna Beach and elsewhere. Because there were no churches or other places for gays to gather openly, they congregated at "watering holes," Karger said. Karger's campaign to save the Boom kicked off a year ago during Memorial Day weekend, 2006.

Karger and his supporters gathered thousands of signatures in support of keeping the bar open, many of which came from Laguna Beach ."It's been very unique because for the first time ever the gay community went out into the town and asked for help and we got a resounding show of support," Karger said.

After Karger's campaign took off, Hazy agreed to give the Boom operators a one-year lease extension, until September.

QUESTION OF THE WEEKIs the Boom Boom Room vital to Laguna Beach's gay-friendly reputation? Write us at P.O. Box 248 , Laguna Beach , CA , 92652 , e-mail us at coastlinepilot@latimes.com or fax us at 494-8979. Please give your name and tell us your home address and phone number for verification purposes only.