Monday, July 10, 2006

Another busy weekend

had another busy -- all be it shorter -- weekend in laguna beach. new volunteer coordinator jeff delancy started working full time on the campaign to SAVE the BOOM!!!

his first recruit, kandis along with jeff spent much of the weekend gathering signatures on our petitions. they set up a table in front of the sawdust festival and then moved over to the pageant of the masters and the festival of arts across the street.

there were lots of lagunans and visitors alike and there certainly was quite a bit of awareness of the cause. most people were very friendly and happy to sign. we are now getting the ol' "I've already albertsons last week," or "you got me at the beach over the 4th of july!" so it looks like we are covering the bases in town.

we received some more excelent press coverage in the Laguna News--Post and the Laguna Independent last week. here is the story from the News-post on Bob Gentry:

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


The SaveTheBoom campaign was out in full force over the holiday weekend. Check out these photos!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Laguna is back!

well, as the loooooong independence weekend winds down wanted to take a moment to update you on a busy and extremely successful holiday weekend in laguna beach.

Independence Weekend Petition Drive

we had a tremendous response from volunteers taking clipboards with SAVE the BOOM!!! petitions all over town. since it was a hot weekend throughout southern california we hit the beaches with tables and clipboards and got lots of enthusiastic signers -- both laguna residents as well as visitors. several people asked to take petitions with them to go get signatures on their own. it is amazing that the awareness and optimism have really increased over just the last couple of weeks.

over the four days we covered the busy downtown area walking and stationed in front of johnny rockets at the corner of pacific coast highway and forest. and we set up SAVE the BOOM!!! tables in front of albertsons and ralphs supermarkets. additionally, we had some volunteers walking their own neighborhoods and had great success at the boom boom room each night. I have not seen as busy a fourth of july weekend in many many years. it looks like laguna is back!