Monday, July 10, 2006

Another busy weekend

had another busy -- all be it shorter -- weekend in laguna beach. new volunteer coordinator jeff delancy started working full time on the campaign to SAVE the BOOM!!!

his first recruit, kandis along with jeff spent much of the weekend gathering signatures on our petitions. they set up a table in front of the sawdust festival and then moved over to the pageant of the masters and the festival of arts across the street.

there were lots of lagunans and visitors alike and there certainly was quite a bit of awareness of the cause. most people were very friendly and happy to sign. we are now getting the ol' "I've already albertsons last week," or "you got me at the beach over the 4th of july!" so it looks like we are covering the bases in town.

we received some more excelent press coverage in the Laguna News--Post and the Laguna Independent last week. here is the story from the News-post on Bob Gentry:


manny said...

I stopped by the Boom Boom Room in Laguna Beach this week to sign the petition to save the Boom from being closed forever at the end of September. I found out by accident, online, that the Boom might be closed and, thinking of all the great times I've had there since 1977, I wanted to sign that petition and help save it.

As I was sitting at the bar someone else came in and they did not know that the Boom might be closing, and upon learning this immediately signed the petition. So I believe that there are still many folks within the gay community who are still unaware of the Boom's precarious situation.

It is gratifying to see how so many people are coming together to offer their time and talent to try to fend off the looming disaster of the Boom being closed forever.

Has anyone thought of approaching KATHY GRIFFIN to help us in our effort? I think she would jump at the chance and perhaps do a benefit performance for the Boom, because as we all know, Kathy "loves her gays!"

Kathy is an extremely successful, very high profile comedian, a very hot property who as you know is seen on cable television with her awesome "D-List" shows and several commercials as well.

Think of the great material the Boom Boom Room would provide for her act! In my book no comedian thinks as quickly on their feet for funny stuff to say as Kathy Griffin does. She would have us all rolling on the floor dying with laughter.

Kathy could give our cause a national, even global audience, and I think the response would be phenomenal. Hundreds of thousands if not millions of signatures from both gays and straights, and that could translate into a phenomenal REBIRTH of the Boom in a marketing sense. There is great financial opportunity in this for her as well, which she would richly deserve.

KATHY could be our SILVER BULLET, our "DAVID" in this DAVID vs. GOLIATH challenge.

Could someone please get word to her? I will try on my own, but there must be someone who will read this who would have easier access to her. I might never get through.

Like so many others, I've had many great times at the Boom and wouldn't trade them for anything. It simply must be saved.

manny said...

How near our goal of 5,000 signatures are we?


manny said...

Your "" is not working.

manny said...

If the Boom and Coast Inn are saved, will Patrick and James be the future leaseholders or will they be looking to pass it on to someone else?

What are the possible scenarios after the Boom and Coast Inn are saved?