Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Boom Boom Room Is Back

No on Prop 8 Fund-Raiser Fills the House!!!

LAGUNA BEACH – If you were lucky enough to be at the gay landmark Boom Boom Room last Saturday night for the Halloween Party and Fun(d)-raiser for No on 8, you know all about it. If not, there are lots of pictures below of all you missed. It was just like the good old days, packed, fun and just what the doctor ordered. Thousands of dollars were raised, the speeches were short and the incredible dj spun til closing.

Special thanks go out to Laguna Beach Democratic Club Headquarters Manager and Party Chair Audrey Prosser, who ran the party like a well oiled machine, Event Promoter Glen Kasper who made this the party of the year, and all the volunteers who decorated, bartended, kept running out to buy more supplies – literally the dozens of people who worked so hard to make this event such a huge success. Let’s keep the Boom open for more special events instead of the empty storefront that it has been for over a year. It’s good for the ecconomey and good for Laguna.

Lots of people came in from San Diego, LA, Long Beach and even Palm Springs for the fund-raiser. It was so great to see so many Boom regulars. It definitely reinvigorated me to continue our campaign to SAVE the BOOM – Forever!!!!

Here are lots of photos from last Saturday for your viewing pleasure:

Audrey and Harpo Marx

Volunteer Bartenders Ryan, Steve and Reid

Father Fred with Sarah Palin and John McCain

Even the Boom Dancers Were Back at the Boom!

Andrew and Friends Making Mary!

Joe the Plumber (Glen) On Break with Save the Boom Treasurer & Fighter Pilot Shane

And the Winners Are, Missy and Dede Devine

Jeremy and Phil Back at the Boom!

Incredible Decorations Were Everywhere. Thank you Glen and Company!!!

Steve and Ryan Toasting the Night

Two Cute Cats!

Hmmmm, King Kong Meets Another Monster

Evan and Steve Bringing Home the Soda

It Got Pretty HOT at the Boom as the Night Wore on for the Men and Women Behind the Bar

Patrick Took a Break From Putting Out Fires to Help Keep the Mood Festive

Even Though the Owners Took the Rainbow Flag off the Roof, It’s Proudly Flying Back at the Boom Again!!!

AJ and Chris Came in for the Party. Wait, Where’s Chris??

The Girls Were Out in Force. She’s a Good Witch!

Now That’s Scary!

Josh is Not Wearing a Costume, but Was Very Popular None-the-less…..

And the Boom-Spangled Banner, Was So Gallantly Streaming

Well Be Back! SAVE the BOOM—Forever!!!

-- the end --

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